Perhaps you’re a seasoned fan of audio drama, or heard some of our recent MAT Features.  Maybe you’re just intrigued by audio storytelling and voice acting.  Either way you find yourself thinking, “I wonder what it’s like to voice act in an audio drama?”  Well here’s a chance to try out!

Recently we held our scriptwriting competition for original short scripts to feature on Midnight Audio Theatre, and now it’s time to bring them to life.  As we begin to organize our work on these productions, we’re looking for some voices to play the roles in each script.  Read on for more info on roles available and how to audition!

NOTE: Except in some cases with minor/one-shot characters, we are looking for people who live near or around Columbus, OH.  Rehearsals and group recordings will be taking place once cast decisions have been made, and those chosen must be physically able to attend.  If you do not live in the Central Ohio area and would still like to audition, please email us at about minor roles that may be open to you.


We have two ways for you to audition – come down and try out in person, or send in samples of your voice by email.  We’re happy to have you either way!  Read below for more info on both….

Live Auditions

When:   Saturday and Sunday, March 2-3rd – 10am-5pmATC Logo
Where:  German Village Meeting Haus (588 S. Third St., 43215)

We’ve made a tradition of sitting in with the good folks from Actors’ Theatre of Columbus every year, who are holding their summer season auditions.  If you’re auditioning for ATC and would like to be considered for our productions as well, wonderful!  If not, don’t worry – just let the good folks at check-in know you are showing up for MAT ONLY, and we’ll hold a one-on-one audition in another room.

Unless you come with prepared material, lines will be provided to read (see bottom of this page for reference info).

For more info on auditions for Actors’ Theatre of Columbus, including times, check out their website.

Email Audition Deadline:

Sunday, March 17th, by 11:59pm EST

What to Include in Your Submission:dreamstimefree_2017197

  • Your recorded audition (see below)
  • A resume, if available
  • Contact information
  • Answer the following questions in your email:
    -Roles you would like to be considered for
    -If you are you interested in other roles if your preferences are not available
    -Your availability for April and May; please list any potential conflicts for these two months

Audio Submission Format:

  • Provide a recording of one of the following:
    • A monologue of your choice
    • A voice-over/voice-acting demo reel (if you have one)
    • Audition lines for specific characters you are auditioning for, provided below
  • Personal monologues/Demo length should be no longer than 90 seconds total. If using character lines instead, submissions will be dependent on how many characters you choose to read for.
  • Please send in your submission in *.wav or *.mp3 format.  If we receive your submission in any other format, your audition may not be considered.
  • Character audition recordings should be titled ”CharacterName_YourName”
  • Provide performance resume and/or references of past work if available.


Applications submitted past the announced deadline will not be accepted.

Questions or Concerns: Send us an email at


Reference page for this year’s story synopses and characters
can be found here!

Below are some character sample lines for each script as well:

No Man’s Land
The Wild Hunt


  1. Hello,
    When would rehearsals take place and what time would they be at? Thanks.

    1. Author

      The final rehearsal schedule is determined by actors’ availability, but typically rehearsals are once a week; either during the afternoon/evening on weekdays or around mid-day on weekends. Unless a director prefers to rehearse elsewhere, we hold all meetings at the radio station – which means we have to work around the station’s operating schedule. Hope this answers your question!

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