Episode 113 – An Intergalactic Nemesis…The Fund Drive!

NemesisPoster5webHello audio drama listeners! Tonight we have a special episode – an encore presentation of The Intergalactic Nemesis, Book Two: Robot Planet Rising (Part 1), as our feature during WCBE‘s spring fund drive. If you’ll remember, The Intergalactic Nemesis came through Columbus as a live performance, and our airing of the original radio play was an exclusive to you, our listeners. We want to keep bringing you more stories fresh from the growing audio drama community, as well as our locally-casted and produced original stories, and to do that we want to continue to help WCBE.  If you like what you hear on our show, head over to wcbe.orgmake a donation and tell WCBE just how much you love Midnight Audio Theatre!  It’s your donations and feedback that keep our show running on the radio.

Now enjoy the Intergalactic Nemesis!  And who knows, if the WCBE fund drive goes well, we may bring back Part 2 of tonight’s story….  :)



Episode 112 – No News, Just Sensationalism everyone!  We’re back with another MAT episode, (finally) up for your listening enjoyment!

Last week we had to say goodbye (for now) to Aftermath, but in the meantime we’ve had a visit to 19 Nocturne Boulevard for another spooky tale from their library of audio tales.  We start out our show with another tale of mystery from our favorite gumshoes Jack Justice and Trixie Dixon in Episode 28, “No News is Good News” of Black Jack Justice from Decoder Ring Theatre.  After that, take a ride into the messed-up world of Reality TV with 19 Nocturne Boulevard‘s “Idiot Box“.  It’s a great twisted end to an evening, it’s an ending you won’t want to miss!

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Episode 111 – Not All That Shimmers….’s another evening of audio drama, with another new episode as we say farewell to another series.  Tonight is the sixth and final episode of Aftermath‘s Season One, from YAP Audio Production.  We’ll be sorry to see them go, but at least there’s a promise of a Season 2 on the way, so we have something to look forward to!   So first up for the evening is Episode 6: Absent Friends.  After that, it’s more from our favorite hard-boiled detectives, Jack Justice and Trixie Dixon in another episode of Decoder Ring Theatre‘s series, Black Jack Justice.

And don’t forget!  If you missed out on our scriptwriting competition, there’s the Marion Thauer Brown Audio Drama Scriptwriting Competition. going on until May 28th. You can get more information from our page or go to their website at . Be sure to check it out!

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Episode 110 – No Time To Waste-!

avatars-000009620930-cgp5hk-t200x200!  If you like your MAT packed with plenty of audio drama and little-to-no chatter, this episode is for you!  Tonight we’ve packed the hour with more from this month’s featured series.  First up, we head back to Edinburgh as more details about the world’s post-apocalyptic state and it’s survivors are revealed, in “Doctor’s Orders” and “Steel Birds”, Episode 4 and 5 of the ‘Aftermath‘ series from YAP Audio Production.  After that, it’s another story from everyone’s favorite hard-boiled detective, Black Jack Justice, in this episode entitled “The Do-Nothing Detective” from Decoder Ring Theatre.  Don’t miss a second of the mysteries ahead!

And remember, if you have any suggestions of stories to feature on our show, feel free to email us at!  We’re a little slow in our review process at the moment due to juggling obligations, but we’ll be happy to give it a listen!

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Episode 109 – It’s Baaaaaaack….

299467_183126041766986_1867492133_n everyone!  Not much to say this episode — so much audio drama, so little time!

Tonight we start out by continuing the story of ‘Aftermath‘ with Episodes 2 and 3 of the series by YAP Audio Production.  After that, we have an old favorite back to our show — new episodes of ‘Black Jack Justice‘ by Decoder Ring Theatre!  Should prove to be a fun night of mystery and intrigue!

AN UPDATE ON OUR AUDITIONS:  An organizational meeting took place regarding our productions for this year, and some reassignments were made. As a result, we will not be making a general announcement of roles cast at this time, but contacting auditionees on an individual basis.  Sorry about the delay, everyone!  Thank you for your patience.


Episode 108 – Conforming to the Aftermath

299467_183126041766986_1867492133_nWelcome back everyone! Tonight we’ve got some new audio treats for all of you to hear tonight.  A warning however – remember how I mentioned some nights are going to be rated PG-13 this year?  Well this is one of those nights.

To start things off, we’re kicking off another post-apocalyptic story series, this time from the amazing people at YAP Audio Production.  It follows the aftermath of a war-ravaged world, focusing on the town of Ediburgh, Scotland as the people there are discovering the lingering effects to their home after a missile strike unleashes a chemical attack on the town. Tonight we’re sharing with you the Prologue, Teaser and First Episode, “The Lock In” of the audio series, ‘Aftermath‘.

 The-Conformation-lores-360x543And this is where the squeamish warning comes in. Our second half of the evening watches a plastic surgeon and his obsession with creating the perfect form. When he meets a patient obsessed with making herself perfect, their work together is the perfect storm, leading down the rabbit hole to something groteseque and distressing. Glass Eye Pix’s production is wonderfully engrossing and keeps you feeling anxious from start to finish, and we’re really excited to share the story with you!  It’s The Conformation“, part of the ‘Tales From Beyond The Pale‘.

And an announcement!  Our auditions for the 2014 MAT Original Productions are now closed; thank you to everyone who tried out for our voice-acting roles this year!  We hope to have decisions announced by the end of this coming weekend (and if not, just bear with us — Cathy’s still playing catch-up from being gone for so long).  Good luck, everyone! 


Episode 107 – Gotta Start Somewhere

168695_137455722982172_899573_n19nb_the_rookieHello again, listeners!  Finally, we’re coming to from our home base in Columbus, OH once again!  And what better way to wrap up our journey by seeing Neil Henderson and Nathan Rourke to the end of theirs as well?  That’s right, tonight marks the end of the first season of ‘Our Fair City‘, with Episode 13, “The Climax?!” and the season Epilogue, “The Wind From The West”.  Our Hartlife friends shouldn’t fear, however — there are many more seasons to be heard, and we hope to bring you some more in the future!

After that, we have another visit from 19 Nocturne Bouelvard with an award winning tale, complete with competitive serial killers and a rookie who’s trying to work his way into the business.  It’s called “The Rookie“, and we think you’ll enjoy it!

And writers, don’t forget to check out our events page for more competitions to apply to, as well as live events listeners might be interested in.  We hope to do another round of updating to our list soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

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