Episode 129 – Another Wet Saturday at Inverness

imag009Good evening!  FTIt’s another Summer Series episode tonight, and once again we’ve filled it to the brim with audio drama.  There’s not much for us to say here tonight, so it’s on to our two features production groups, Blue Hours Productions and ZBS Foundation and their shared stories – first is “Wet Saturday” from the “SUSPENSE” series, followed by the sixth installment of the Jack Flanders tale of “The Fourth Tower of Inverness”.  Enjoy!


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Episode 128 – We Didn’t Start the Fire

imag009 FTGood evening once again, dear listeners!  This show is another tightly-packed hour of audio drama, so we didn’t have much to say here.  But that means less chatter and more tales to enjoy!  It’s another installment of “The Fourth Tower of Inverness” by ZBS Foundation, preceded by a fresh “SUSPENSE” tale from the first season anthology series by Blue Hours Productions, entitled, “The Fire of Asshurbanipal“.



We hope you’ve been enjoying this set of summer selections so far!  We’re about halfway through, then we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming.  :)


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Episode 127 – Reflex

imag009 FTWelcome back, audio drama fans!  It’s another lovely summer evening, meaning we’ve got more of our summer series to share with you tonight. We have our fourth installment from ZBS Foundation‘s Jack Flanders story “The Fourth Tower of Inverness” coming up this hour, but before that we’re treated to the ever-entertaining and spooky “SUSPENSE” anthology series from Blue Hours Productions.  Let’s kick of the night with Episode 6 from their Season 1 collection – “Gag Reflex“.



Why are we running a special “summer season”, you ask?  Well, we decided after last year’s run of Jack Flanders in July/August that it might be a fun treat for our listeners to hear some older stories and series at this time each year, as we mostly focus on audio dramas within the last decade for our regular broadcasts.  What do you think?  Should we continue this “summer break” in coming years, maybe have some suggestions of what you’d like to hear in the future?  Let us know what you think at and we’ll take your requests in consideration for future programming.  We’d love to hear from you!  :)

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Episode 126 – Spooky Pudding

imag009 FTGood evening, audio drama fans! It’s more of our summer sling, our throwback series, our break from the norm to visit some classics and the homages to them.  We’re talking about once again sharing an adventure of Jack Flanders with ZBS Foundation‘s “The Fourth Tower of Inverness” as well as Blue Hours Productions and their new take on the SUSPENSE radio theatre anthology. We’ll be starting with them tonight, with a tale entitled “Proof in the Pudding“. Enjoy!


But wait, there’s more!  If you are a scriptwriter, we highly recommend you visit Chatterbox Audio Theater‘s website for information on their 2014 Halloween Show Script Competition.   You can find a quick bullet-point rundown of the basics, but you should definitely head over to their competition page for more details.  Chatterbox Audio is a great audio drama company with quality mixing and stories – definitely give them a look!  And good luck!

Deadline: August 15, 2014
Categories: Feature (15-20 pages), Flash Horror (1-5 pages)
Entry Fee: $10 for Feature scripts, NO entry fee for Flash Horror scripts
Writers can submit up to four scripts — two in each category.
The 2014 Halloween Show will be broadcast/streamed LIVE Halloween night on WKNO-FM 91.1 ( and later added to the Chatterbox website for free streaming/download.


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Episode 125 – Towers and Sorcerers

imag009 FTHello audio drama fans!  It’s another summer show to share with you all tonight! The second installment of “The Fourth Tower of Inverness” from ZBS Foundation is on our list, but before we get to that we’re treated to another episode from Blue Hours Productions in their anthology series “SUSPENSE” – this week’s story is entitled “The Return of The Sorcerer”.


This is another week where we had little time to say much, but if you’re looking for another scriptwriting competition to enter, be sure to check out Chatterbox Audio Theater for their Halloween story competition!  You can find out more about it at their website, here.  Give it a look and give it a whirl!  They’re a great audio drama company and it sounds like a great competition.  Good luck!

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Episode 124 – That Cool Tower Air

imag009FTTime for some fun in the sun!  Tonight is the start of our Throwback Summer Series.  For the next few weeks we’ll be listening to a Jack Flanders story by ZBS Foundation back in 1972, along with Blue Hours Productions‘ revitalization of the old-time radio anthology series “SUSPENSE“.  Not much to say otherwise in the episode – we ran right up to the end of the hour on this one!  So sit back and enjoy an audio-packed show, starting off with “Cool Air” followed by the first installment of “The Fourth Tower of Inverness“.  Enjoy!



Also, keep your eyes peeled – we hope to have our Events page updated soon, along with a poll for all you lovely listeners to see what you like about MAT and what you’d like to see in the future!  Stay tuned!


Episode 123 – Force of the Woken

19nb_fm_large168695_137455722982172_899573_nHello hello!  We hope you enjoyed last week’s MAT feature – if you missed it or just want to catch it again, you can still find it here on our webpage, under the “MAT Features 2014″ heading. We’ll have many more to add to this year’s collection in the fall, after which we’ll be kicking off our annual Scriptwriting Competition, so be sure to stay tuned in the coming months! Tonight, however, find our attention on Hart Life‘s “Our Fair City” as we air the last two episode of their second season, after which we have one more story from 19 Nocturne Bouelvard to share with you, about a bounty hunter and a job that turns out to be far more complicated than it appears. It should be an exciting departure for “Our Fair City” at least, and perhaps we’ll hear more from Hartlife later this year…but for now, sit down and relish, dear listeners – Episodes 18 and 19 – “Peril!” and “The Woken Apocalypse”, followed by “Force Majeure“.



And don’t forget to tune in next week!  We’ll be starting our short summer season, bringing you some exciting tales from ZBS Foundation and the revitalized “SUSPENSE!” radio anthology from Blue Hours Productions.  Be sure to tune in for some great stories both young and old!


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