Episode 142 – Holidays with some Misfits

ChristmaswiththeTrollsMisfits1Happy Holidays, everyone! If you tuned in last week, we reprised a holiday episode from 2012, featuring a slew of miscellanious Christmas tales and treats!  If you didn’t get to hear it, you can find it in our archives; it’s Episode 67 – Have A Holly Jolly Police Investigation.  :)

But this evening we’re back with a shiny new episode for the holiday season, and we’ve brought some friends over to celebrate! Tonight we’re kicking off this audio feast with some brand-new works from Misfits Audio Productions, starting with an adaptation of a story from L. Frank Baum, entitled “Christmas with the Trolls“. After that, a collection of heart-warming stories and poems making up Misfits Audio’s 2014 “Holiday Review”. And if you enjoy tonight, be sure to check in next week, when Misfits Audio will be visiting us with one more holiday tale before Christmas arrives.
christmas-1387112445l4CAnd don’t forget we have our Scriptwriting Competition happening right now! It’s your chance to create an audio or radio drama script and send us your story – the winners of the contest are produced and aired on WCBE and online for the world to hear! You can find out more about our contest on out “Scriptwriting Competition” link at the top of the page. Happy Writing!

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Episode 141: A Red Panda a Day Keeps the Bad Guys Away

red-panda-adventures.0x170Isn’t that how the saying goes?  I forget.  :)

Either way, you’re in the clear – tonight is another night of stories from The Red Panda Adventures, with a pair of tales of daring-do  – “Rabbit Season” and “Golden Claw”.  This will be our last night of The Red Panda and Flying Squirrel before we break off for some December holiday tales, then we’ll be rejoining them for some new tales of adventure in 2015.  Thanks, Decoder Ring Theatre!

Writing utensils on white backgroundAnnouncement, Announcement!  Tonight marks the beginning of our annual Scriptwriting Competition!  For those of you unfamiliar, this is your chance to create an audio or radio drama script and send us your story – the winners of the contest are produced and aired on WCBE and online for the world to hear!  You can find out more about our contest by clicking the link for the 4th Annual Scriptwriting Competition above.  You can also hear the past winners of the contest under the MAT Features links next to it – we still have one more for 2014 in the middle of production right now, so be on the lookout for that as well!  And if you have any questions you can always email us at

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Episode 140 – A Healthy Dose of RPA

red-panda-adventures.0x170Welcome back, dear listeners!  Tonight we dismiss the spooky for a while in favor of something more fun and adventurous!  If you didn’t know already, there is another side to Decoder Ring Theatre, beyond the ‘Black Jack Justice’ tales we frequently share with you.  It’s a crime-fighting duo, in the dark of night, patrolling the streets of 1930’s Toronto.  Superheroes Red Panda and Flying Squirrel are on the case!  Tonight we’re bringing you the first two episodes of The Red Panda Adventures as we wait for that December holiday to arrive – “Riddle of the Sphinx” and “Night Patrol”.

And an announcement!  Our annual end-of-the-year scriptwriting competition will be starting up in a week, so keep your eyes and ears open! For those of you new listeners, we hold a scriptwriting event each year for people to write their own audio drama stories. We’ll review the entries, and the chosen winners will have their stories fully-produced and aired on our show. So stay tuned for that!

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Episode 139 – In Memoriam : Wayne Self

64382_10152609605327732_68241119669252330_nHi MAT listeners.  Tonight’s episode is a special memorial show for a near and dear friend of the show who passed away recently.

Wayne Self was Evening Announcer, Program and Traffic Director at our parent station, WCBE 90.5 FM Columbus, died of a heart attack sometime last Sunday at the age of 57.  Wayne was the one who made sure that MAT got on the air every Friday, even if I was out-of-town for months at a time.  He was with us from the very beginning of the show, from when putting audio dramas on the air was just an idea and we weren’t even sure of how to go about putting a show like this together.  He would stay late at the station, well past his shift to make sure everything turned out right, and he was a friend to everyone who walked in the station doors.  He was a great listener, and spread joy and encouragement wherever he went.  In short, Wayne lifted our hearts for so long, with his passing the weight feels terrible to bear.

In this show, I talk about what Wayne meant to MAT and to myself and the WCBE family, and we play two of his favorite audio dramas: “Two-Minute Danger Theater” and “Dreamcatcher”.



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Episode 138 – Trick-or-Treat, post-Halloween celebration!

devil-night-art-2Here we are in November!  If you were listening on the radio last week, you may have been wondering, “What happened to MAT this week?”, though we’re hoping it was more along the lines of “Oh, what cool show is this?”  Last week we handed over our Halloween time slot as we have in years past to our cohorts at Craft: The Show, who have been putting on a special Halloween storytelling episode every year starting well before MAT was around.  So once again, we happily handed over the reigns for the evening.  If you missed the show, you can find it by visiting and listen in there.  Be sure to check it out!

19nb_-_loup_noir_-_500px_-_largebanquet 626522_48008367_xThat said, since we didn’t get a chance to celebrate Halloween *on* the 31st with you all, we’ve decided to bring you one more night of spooky stories – think of it as sharing our trick-or-treating candy with you all.  :)  To start things off, we have the pleasure of bringing you the winning production from Misfits Audio‘s Halloween Special scriptwriting contest that took place this past summer.  The story is a short piece entitled “Devil’s Night” by Will Anderson.  After that we take a stroll down 19 Nocturne Boulevard to hear the story of “Loup Noir” and a lighthearted piece called “The Phantom Luncheon“.  Enjoy!


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Episode 137 – Thank you!

WCBE 90.5 FM ColumbusIt’s another night of spooky tales tonight, with an extra-special thanks to you, our listeners!  WCBE managed to raise over $200,000 towards its overall goal at the time of this posting (Nov.11), which is a huge help in keeping our station – and Midnight Audio Theatre – going strong on the airwaves!  We’re still short about $59,000 still, however, so if you missed the chance to donate to our parent station, please do so over at their website,  Thank you so much for your support!

pe10aresized2TwilightRoadcover1As for tonight’s program, we’re looking forward to sharing more stories from Campfire Radio Theater in preparation for Halloween night – be prepared – The Philidelphia Experiment and Twilight Road are up for your listening pleasure.  Enjoy!


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Episode 136 — Help!

Love_Public_RadioWe’re taking a break from Campfire Radio Theater tonight to bring you some spooky stories of our own!  We’re revisiting our MAT Features selections, with “Nirvana White”, “The Ghost of Arch Oboler”, “The Hostage”, and some lighter fare with “The Flower Stand”.  All of these stories are winners of our Scriptwriting Competition of 2013 and 2014, and are recorded and performed by local Columbus talent.

Right now our parent station, WCBE 90.5 FM Columbus, is in the midst of their annual Fall Fund Drive to raise money and support to keep the station and it’s programs on the air.  We couldn’t have made all of MAT possible without their help, so please help us by supporting the station and donating to the drive.  We want to continue to create more productions and get the city even more involved in our show and audio drama in general – anything you can do to support our station would be a huge help.  Thank you so much!


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