Episode 155 – Our Fair Space Girl

168695_137455722982172_899573_nSpaceGirlTonight, our good friends at Great Northern Audio Theatre and Hartlife are back once again, though it is the last night you’ll be hearing this duo back-to-back.  It’s the last Great Northern audio story that we have to share with you on MAT for now.  If you’ve been enjoying their tales, you should definitely check out their website at for more entertainment.  We’ll have another production group to take their place next week, but you’ll have to tune in to find out who!

This episode, we start off with the Great Northern Audio’s “Space Girl: Downloading the Legacy“, the story of a superhero’s challenges in life 40 years after she started her hero career.  After that, we follow Nathan Rourke in and out of the Old Tunnel as we hear Episodes 7 and 8 of Our Fair City, Season 3, from Hartlife Productions.  From underground to outerspace, it should be a fun evening of audio drama!

And an extra shout-out to everyone who donated during the fund-drive for our parent station, WCBE 90.5 FM Columbus.  Without them we wouldn’t have a show to bring you audio drama on the airwaves.  Thank you so much!

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Episode 154 – Learning the Curves of the City

LearningCurve2168695_137455722982172_899573_nHello, listeners!  It’s another lovely midnight for some audio theatre.  I’m happy to report that our friends at Great Northern Audio Theatre and HartLife are back once again.  We start things off with “The Learning Curve, or The Rise of Francis” – when politicians try to jump-start the economy through some unusual means and create a host of new bizarre problems.  After that, we catch up with Nathan Rourke and Neal Henderson in two more installments as they travel through Our Fair City, Season 3, in “The Incidence of Accidents” and “Stormhawks at the Diner”.  There are a lot of twists and turns tonight, and we hope you’ll join us as we navigate them all – it should be a fun listen!

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Episode 153 – Concerning Dirigibles and Mole People

168695_137455722982172_899573_nDirigibleWell hello again, audio drama fans!  If you tuned in last week, we were in a rush to bring you two stories from Great Northern Audio Theatre and HartLife.  Well, they’re back again tonight with more fantastic stories to share with you all.  Once again we start things off with our new friends at Great Northern Audio and their topsy-turvy dreaming tale, “Thwack That Dirigible, or Do You Want Fries With That?”  After that, we continue to follow the trail of Neal Henderson and Loamy as they return to Sector Alpha of Our Fair City, along with a certain undead investigator and her cohort – that’s all in Episodes 3 and 4 of “Our Fair City“, Season 3 – “Butterclaws” and “Self-Help for Dummies”.

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Episode 152 – Villains Parading Through Our Fair City

168695_137455722982172_899573_nVillainsHello again, audio drama fans!  This show, we have some new and old friends sharing their stories with us.  First, we welcome Great Northern Audio Theatre as we kick off the evening with a tale of supervillany with a comedic twist in “Villains on Parade“.  After that, we return to the enigmatic world of Hartlife as they entertain us with Episodes 1 and 2 of “Our Fair City” Season 3 – “Neal Henderson in the Wilderness” and “Fealty Frailty”.  And this show is so full of audio drama that you barely have to hear me talk! It’s a win-win!  I know, I know, I love you too.

Don’t forget, if you have questions or thoughts about the show or just want to reach out, send us a line at  We’re always happy to hear from you!


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Episode 151 – Victorians in Space! (Well, not quite…)

19_wit_wizardry_draft_01blastoffpatrolWelcome back, audio drama fans, and a special hello to our new listeners tonight!

For this episode, we decided to bring out some new and old stories, to make everyone feel at home.  We start out with a lovely Victorian tale with a twist in 19 Nocturne Bouelvard‘s “Wit and Wizardry“.  After that, it’s a full tale from our old favorite ‘Two-Minute Danger Theater‘ with the Blast-Off Patrol Adventure, “The Killer Robots from Space“.

And before you tune in, a follow-up announcement — our cast for the MAT 2015 Features has been decided!  Congratulations to everyone who was selected, and a big thank-you to everyone who tried out.  If you didn’t make it in this year, be sure to check in later in the year when we may have more stories to produce.  We’d love to hear from you again!


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Episode 150 – In Memoriam: John S. Kuhn

John-KuhnHello MAT listeners, and any new visitors to our site this week.  Tonight’s show is a special episode to remember John S. Kuhn, Artistic Director of Actors Theatre of Columbus and a friend and supporter of MAT.  John passed away last Saturday from an apparent heart attack; he was 62.

John was a leader in the Columbus theatre community; well-respected, creative and imaginative, and dedicated to the art of theatre and its various avenues of performance.  Beneath a strong sense of professionalism he was also kind-hearted, understanding and eager to help, encouraging others to pursue their talents and their dreams.  And as he encouraged others, he was also there to help in whatever way he could, no matter how small, no matter how busy his own schedule became.  He never stopped creating, never stopped bringing the joys of theatre and performance to so many of us.

In tonight’s show, I talk about John and what he meant to MAT and the Columbus theatre community, followed up by excerpts of his performance in the title role of King Lear, as presented by the Actors Theatre of Columbus in 2007.  (Special thanks to Nick Baldasare who provided the recording that made this possible.)


Because of the nature of this show and the audience tuning in, we will have the show available for download for a limited time.  You can download the full, hour-long program by right-click/saving here.


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Episode 148 – A Terror and A Twisted Tale

auditions2And another lovely yet chilly evening of audio drama to you, dear listeners! Tonight we have some stories from new and old friends on our show, but before we kick things off we have an audition announcement.

Now that our winners for our scriptwriting competition have been selected, it’s time to pick a cast to bring these stories to life!  If you live in the Columbus, OH area and are interested in working out your voice acting chops, we will be holding auditions alongside Actors’ Theatre of Columbus on February 21-22, down at the German Village Meeting Haus on S.3rd Street, from 10am to 5pm.  Come in, fill out an audition form and try out for some parts!  Monologues are optional for MAT auditions; we will have lines for you to read during your session. For more information, check out our Facebook page or the Actors’ Theatre website at for audition forms, character lists and story summaries.  NOTE: You do NOT need to sign up for a time slot to come in for an audition!  Just let the Check-In desk know that you are there for MAT auditions ONLY, and we’ll get you sorted!

If you can’t make our auditions, you can also record a monologue or character lines on your computer and send them to us by email. Full email submission details will be posted on the MAT website by Sunday, February 22nd. Auditions will be accepted until Friday, March 6th, at 11pm CST. Submissions from within the Columbus, Ohio area are preferred, as we will hold group rehearsals with cast members before recording.

rtp-prx_mediumATropicalHorror700As for tonight, our first story of the night is a nautical tale of terror from 19 Nocturne Boulevard, entitled “A Tropical Horror“. After that, we’re visited by the Radio Theatre Project and one of their Grampa Ed’s twisted fairy tales: “A Bride for Prince Charming“. Enjoy tonight’s listening, and we hope to see you this weekend!

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