8th-Annual Scriptwriting Competition Winners

Congratulations, writers!

From the fun to the fantastic, mystery to mystical, and action to adventure – what a rush of stories we had this year!  A huge congratulations goes out to everyone who submitted; we had a wonderful selection this year and some very hard decisions to make. Give yourself a pat on the back and eight cookies.  And six chocolate bars, perhaps a small pie?  You deserve it.

In the end, we found three stories that rose to the top of the pack, with our two main selections and the new “Producer’s Choice” selection. These three stories will be produced and aired on our program on WCBE 90.5 FM/HD Columbus, making up our 2019 MAT Features collection.

The winning scripts are, in no particular order:

K. S. Dearsley – “Wingbeats”
K. G. Kline – “No Man’s Land”
Jim McDoniel – “The Wild Hunt”

Congratulations to our winners of the 8th-Annual MAT Scriptwriting Competition!

Keep an ear out for these stories as we bring them to life in 2019. AND stay tuned for more stories from our script competition, as we hope to bring a few of them to life in our upcoming MAT LIVE shows this year!

The rest of you, be sure to keep writing – we hope to hear from you in the late Fall of 2019 for our next competition!

(…And seriously, go get all those baked goods we mentioned.
Tell them MAT sent you. )