Episode 234 – It’s National, It’s Audio, It’s Theatre!

Hi folks!  We had a new episode on this day, but we only had permission to broadcast it on the radio.  As a result we don’t have that night’s show for download, but you can find that night’s feature – selections from the National Audio Theatre Festivals’ performances in 2003 – at the Public Radio Exchange website, PRX.org.  It’s a fun listen to some live performances, and a good lead-up to the HEAR Now Audio Fiction Festival happening this June.  The festival is a gathering of audio storytellers (audio books, audio dramas and more) and enthusiasts to meet up, make connections, recognize exceptional skill and discover new and some yet-unheard audio stories.  There’s also a workshop track for folks interested in starting from the ground up and expanding their skills in production and performance.  The festival is June 8-11 in Kansas City, MO.  Hope to see you there!


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National Audio Theatre Festival
HEAR Now Audio Fiction Festival

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  1. Glad to see this is still going, I have a lot of casts to catch up to.

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