MAT Upcoming Scripts and Cast

Congrats and thank you to everyone who participated in our auditions this year!  Central Ohio has an incredibly talented acting community, and we were overwhelmed by folks interest in our auditions!  Thank you to everyone who came in person or sent in their submission online.  You didn’t make these decisions easy on us!

Keep an eye out for more audio drama projects that may pop-up later this year!  We are considering adding additional stories to our production line-up throughout 2017, so you may still be contacted for a voice acting role at a later date.  And be sure to tune in later this year for these works to be broadcast!  Thanks again for auditioning!


The Definition of ‘Bad Guy’
by Peter Gruenbaum

Simon Dowd
Becca Kravitz

The Plague Song
by Jim McDoniel

Michaela Smith
Sue Wismar
Shaun Brown
Alison Holm

Sea and Sky
by Michael McPherson

Ken Erney
Sara Bodde

They Slipped the Bonds of Earth
by Evan Waters

JT Walker
Christina Yoho
Beth Josephsen
Eric McGlaughlin


  1. We record 1/2 hour radio stories and play them on several radio station in Minnesota. I am looking for g-rated radio shows. Could you pass my web site along to authors or if you have stories we could produce, please send the stories. Thank you – mike roers

    1. Author

      Sure thing! If you don’t mind a little time to do so, we’ll see what resources we can send your way to help.

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