MAT Auditions – Reopened!

You read that right – we’re reopening auditions!

During our first round of auditions, we changed our vision for one of the MAT Features for this year, “No Man’s Land”. Instead of limiting this piece to local auditions in Central Ohio, we’re opening auditions up to everyone, regardless of where they live.

We’ve decided to rehearse and record this piece in a “satellite audio drama” format, where actors record their lines separately from home and send in their lines to be mixed together in post-production. As long as you have access to the internet and a way to record yourself, you’re eligible! We’re really excited about this opportunity to extend auditions out to all of our MAT listeners and beyond!

For all of those who took part in first-round auditions: if you’re still interested in the piece despite this format change, please email us at and let us know! There’s no need to audition again if you are, we’ll use your original submission for consideration – but we also understand not everyone may be interested in this new production format, so we definitely want to know if you are!

Email Audition Deadline:

Sunday, April 28th, by 11:59pm EST

What to Include in Your Submission:

  • Your recorded audition (see below)
  • A resume, if available
  • Contact information
  • Answer the following questions in your email:
    -Roles you would like to be considered for
    -Your access to online chat programs such as Skype, along with your home recording capabilities
    -Your general availability for online meetings

Audio Submission Format:

  • Provide a recording of one of the following:
    • A monologue of your choice
    • A voice-over/voice-acting demo reel (if you have one)
    • Audition lines for specific characters you are auditioning for, provided below
  • Personal monologues/Demo length should be no longer than 90 seconds total. If using character lines instead, submissions will be dependent on how many characters you choose to read for.
  • Please send in your submission in *.wav or *.mp3 format.  If we receive your submission in any other format, your audition may not be considered.
  • Character audition recordings should be titled ā€¯CharacterName_YourNameā€¯
  • Provide performance resume and/or references of past work if available.


Applications submitted past the announced deadline will not be accepted.

Questions or Concerns: Send us an email at


Reference page for this year’s story synopses and characters
can be found here!

Character Lines: No Man’s Land