Midnight Audio Theatre is a weekly audio drama show broadcast on WCBE 90.5 FM out of Columbus, OH. For our non-local listeners, we can be heard on our weekly podcast and streaming live on the web Friday nights at midnight (11PM CST).


  1. I’m not always able to catch your Friday night episodes in Columbus, but I’d like to download your podcast. Is it not available on iTunes?

    1. Our show isn’t currently on iTunes, but it’s something we’re considering right now – we’ve had a few other requests to post on iTunes as well. For now, you can find all of our episodes on this site, with the most recent episode usually being posted within 24 hours of the original airing (we have the occasional late day from time to time).

      Thank you for the suggestion! I’ll be sure to bring it up with our crew, and discuss a download-option for the show. 🙂 –Cathy

  2. Thank you. I enjoy listening to it.

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