1. Weird! I went ahead and replaced the links for those downloads, does that help?

    Thanks so much for listening! :)

  2. Thanks for continuing to try it out – I’m so sorry for all the frustration! Maybe our host site for the files has changed some sharing policies or whatnot that we haven’t been informed of. I’ll bring this to the attention of others more tech-savvy than myself, see what we can figure out.

  3. Hi Chris! We couldn’t find anything wrong with the website; I tested out a few other podcast apps with our link and they seemed to download fine. We’ll keep looking into it!

  4. Thank you so much. Something must have happened to my S5. Just odd that yours is the only podcast I’m having trouble with.

    I’ll keep trying things.

  5. I looked through your site and physically through your feed and think I may have found something… Not sure.

    Your site feed displays five episodes at a time. Then you scroll and it displays another five. All the way through your back catalog. Did you recently change your site to do this? I ask because my reader only sees the five most recent episodes.

    The episodes that do show up I can no longer download, but maybe that is part of it?

  6. Author

    Hi Chris! Sorry this comment was missed a while back; I think it’s around the time you sent it in that we started on our quest to make changes to the site. How is it working now?

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