7th-Annual Scriptwriting Competition Winners

Congratulations, writers!

You’ve done it again – this was another year of awesome with an ever-growing number of submissions to keep our judges busy!  Our reviewers blind-judged your wonderful works that, with all the scripts you sent in, definitely had them reading for quite some time!  A huge congratulations goes out to everyone who submitted; whether you’re a veteran or a brand-new writer, everyone did a fantastic job.  Give yourself a pat on the back and a half-dozen cookies – in fact, take  three-no, FOUR chocolate bars too!  You deserve it.

In the end, we had two scripts that stood out from the pack, and have been named our winners for this year’s competition.  They are:

Jim McDoniel – “The Angel of Casimir”
Evan Waters – “Tara Flame and the Sleeping City”

Congratulations to our winners of the 7th-Annual MAT Scriptwriting Competition!
Keep an ear out for these stories as we bring them to life over the course of this year.

The rest of you, be sure to keep writing – 
we hope to hear from you in the late Fall of 2018 for our next competition!

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